The Drum is a short film that follows the journey of Kang, a recently retired man in his 60s dealing with the sudden onset of a later-life crisis. He realises that he must mend old conflicts and learn to accept his new life, or risk losing himself in the emptiness of old age.

“The Drum” is actually referring to a set of Tabla drums left behind by Kang’s Indian tenant, whom he had grown quite close to over the years. The tenant having to leave and go back to his home country was the emotional trigger point for this short film. The pair of Tabla drums plays a very significant role in this short film. The lead character of this short film, Kang, shares a common trait with the pair of drums he inherits – the fact that they are both empty inside. This film is about how we deal with that emptiness inside all of us. Do we let ourselves be consumed? Or do we use it as a source of inspiration, like how the drum is able to make a beautiful sound even from a hollow body.

Produced by: birdmandog
Filmmaker: Ler Jiyuan


Tel: +65 9661 1920