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Guide Us

WINNER: Best Music Video, 2023 Tokyo Film Awards . WINNER: Best Asian Music Video, 2023 Prague Film Awards, Official Selection: 2023 Madrid Film Awards, 2023 Prague Dance Film Festival “Guide Us” is a dance-film / music video directed by Ler Jiyuan, choreographed and performed by veteran dancer and theatre practitioner Lim Chin Huat, and inspired and based on singer-songwriter Leslie Low’s original song of the same name. Artist: Leslie Low Song: Guide Us Album: Beyond the Mountain Bandcamp: Instagram: Starring: Lim Chin Huat Dance Choreography: Lim Chin Huat Producer: Li Huanwen DOP: Wan Man Lighting Director: King Li Editor: Lim Yen Directed by: Ler Jiyuan 1st AD: Gina Tan AD Runner: Shandelyn Ang Head Production Assistant: Lim Siew Rong Production Assistant: Tay Yu Ting BTS/Social Media: Aleesha Rane 2nd Cam Op: Ong Boon Kok, Zen Yeo 1st CA (Cam 1): Jeremy Chua 1st CA (Cam 2): Richmond Soh, Cecilia Wee 2nd CA (Cam 1): Fiona Wong 2nd CA (Cam 2): Cecilia Wee Ronin Tech: Lee How Chuen Key Grip: Dickson Chua Grip: Koh Swee Kheng Junior Grips: Low Jia’Er, Teo Zhi Xian, Yew Shi Min, Abdul Rashad Art Director: Wendy Toh Art Assistant: Yap Tengwui Art Assistant: Ng Yuan Ci Art Helpers: Sharma Akshay, Sampath Kumar Karthik Film Equipment: Gorilla Cinema Force Post Production: Thunk Teaser Editor: Zen Yeo Colourist: Cheong Ying Sien “Guide Us” Instrumental Version: Joe Ng Sound Recordist: Joe Ng Sound Design: Joe Ng With the support of: NAFA Collaborative Lab Special Thanks: Abundant Productions Chowk Productions Intercultural Theatre Institute Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts RadioQuip Communications Pte Ltd Special Thanks: Andy Tseng Angie Pay Anthony Chu Ben Siow Glenn Chan Ham Jae Yeon Lim Chin Huat Munesh Varadaraju Michelle Cheong Ng Yuwei Ryan Wong Jun Kit Tan Jia Yu Tiffany Ng Uncle “Guide Us” music video is produced by birdmandog Website: Instagram: Contact:
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